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Hello sailing friends,
Here we explain all steps how you can process your booking with SonnenCharter from start to finish. (should the sentence remain?)

1. In the search engine, select country / base, period, ship type and size, number of people or cabins and search for the right yacht for you.

2. Select a ship, fill in the booking request (form) for it and click on send. For special questions or special requests, please send us an email to info@sonnencharter.de. We are happy to help you.

3. You will receive an offer from us for your selected boat or other comparable offers that match your search. If you give us your individual selection criteria, the search will be much easier.

4. You can now click on the ship (the offer) or book it now.

Option: With the option you block the ship, so that it is blocked for other inquiries and bookings at short notice (2-5 days) in the given period. Options are free of charge and non-binding. It only becomes binding when you book.

Book: This sends the order for a booking. The booking is only made after we have confirmed it. You must sign the booking confirmation and send it back to us (fax, email scan).

5. Transfer of the first charter rate or the full charter amount

If you book more than 6 weeks before the start of the charter, the charter fee is divided into two installments:
– 50% of the charter rate is due 7 days after booking confirmation
– 50% of the charter rate is due 5 weeks before the charter

When booking less than 6 weeks before the start of the charter, the entire charter amount becomes due within 7 days after the booking confirmation.

The transfer of the charter amounts takes place by bank transfer to the account of SonnenCharter. All costs that are stated in the offer and booking with the note “Payable on site” will be paid by you in the charter base at check-in.
You will receive the exact details of payment amounts and deadlines as well as the account details when you confirm your booking.

6. We will send you our payment confirmations by e-mail as soon as we have registered your transfers in our account.

7. After full payment, you will receive the base information for your check-in from us by mail or by post if you prefer.

8. After your sailing trip, we will ask you to evaluate the service on site with regard to boat & marina. This helps us to improve the quality of our offers and the satisfaction of our sailors. We are gratefully and negatively grateful for any feedback. This is the only way we can react to possible incidents on site and enable as many customers as possible to have a perfect holiday experience.

We would be happy to advise you personally and individually. For all questions about our offers, options, bookings and special requests, write to:


or call us at:
Telephone: +49.30.37000910

Oranto GmbH
Bänschstrasse 77
10247 Berlin

Our business hours:
From Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Please indicate the offer, option or booking number if already available.

For urgent matters please write us an email. The SonnenCharter team will contact you as soon as possible. Otherwise we are happy to call you back if you prefer.


SonnenCharter recommends that its customers take out the following insurance policies with the “Yacht Pool” insurance company: Skipper liability insurance (mandatory ???), charter deposit insurance and charter consequential loss insurance (optional).
“Yacht-Pool” has been a reliable partner in the field of yacht and charter insurance for decades.

Skipper liability insurance
The Skipper liability insurance covers personal injury and damage to other boats. In some countries (Italy & Netherlands) it is mandatory, otherwise we highly recommend it.

Why skipper liability insurance? (copied from yacht pool)

 Because you are personally personally liable for damage that you culpably cause to other people or things, with all your present and future assets.

 Because your personal liability insurance does not cover liability claims from skipper or crew activities.

 Because as a skipper you are also liable towards the crew members.

 Because disclaimers against crew members, against third parties (e.g. pension insurance of the injured party) u. U may not grab.

 Because you do not know the extent to which insurance cover is actually available on a chartered ship from another party. Very often, the insurance benefit is limited to the value of the ship, which can be far too low due to the unlimited personal liability. Often only certain listed damages are covered, for example only damage in the event of a collision etc.

 Because you don’t know if liability coverage exists at all. Because you do not know whether the premium was paid on time, which can result in the liability insurer being exempt from the benefit and you then have no insurance coverage at all!

 Because ships flying the foreign flag usually are also insured in the respective national language under foreign insurance conditions, making it practically impossible for you to assess the actual insurance cover.

 Because none of the liability insurances known to us covers liability claims of the yacht owner for damages that have arisen on the chartered yacht itself as a result of gross negligence on the part of the skipper.

 Because YACHT-POOL even covers gross negligence for property damage to the chartered yacht!
Property damage to the ship due to slight negligence is not covered by the skipper’s liability insurance, because you were promised in the charter contract that you were insured against damage and therefore there would be double insurance.

Charter deposit insurance (optional)

In our experience, the insurance of the deposit, which you have to deposit directly with the charter company, makes a lot of sense and has hardly any impact on the overall costs.
The boats are insured against damage by the charter company, but with a fairly high deductible, which the charter company will collect from you as a deposit at check-in (to be paid as cash deposit or credit card, approx. € 1,500). The deposit insurance insures you this amount with an insurance premium of approx. 10-13% of the deposit.

The best way to take out the charter deposit insurance is to take out stress-free on-site at the base, because in the event of damage, no further regulatory work is required for you and the base does this.

Or at the yacht pool ?????

Why a charter deposit insurance? (copied from yacht pool)

Every experienced skipper knows how quickly the harmony of the crew is severely disrupted if damage has been caused by him or a crew member and everyone is asked to pay. As unanimous as the crew was before boarding the charter, they can be divided on the tangible question of why everyone should pay for the damage that only one has caused. This is usually the skipper himself – from his responsibility as a ship’s captain.
Of course, this meant that responsible skippers were increasingly demanding insurance for this personal risk. The YACHT-POOL deposit insurance does not only apply to a specific charter, but applies without restriction to a whole year – worldwide!
Because you can charter it wherever you want, as often as you want, which ship you want and as long as you want – worldwide!

Charter consequential loss insurance (optional)

In the event of major damage, follow-up costs may arise due to the lack of availability of the ship for the next charter guests. This can also be ensured.

Why follow-up charter insurance? (copied from yacht pool)
http://www.yacht-pool.de/charter_ Folgeschaden.0.html

Because there is a risk that you will cause damage to the charter ship and therefore the ship can no longer be used in time for the follow-up charter and because you can be recourse for the charter failure by law or under the charter contract.
The charter follow-up loss insurance covers justified claims for recourse due to the failure of the charter from the fourth day of the subsequent charter up to EUR 13,000. Because you can charter it wherever you want, as often as you want, which ship you want and as long as you want – worldwide!

There are competitive offers that include consequential damage insurance in the skipper’s liability insurance. We only consider this as conditional security. Because of the General Liability Conditions (AHB), follow-up costs are only paid if you are legally obliged to do so by the respective state laws. Because this is often not enough for the charter companies, it is sometimes agreed in the general terms and conditions of the charter contract that the charterer also has to pay the consequential damage costs that he has caused (this may replace the legal provision with a private contract). However, private agreements are not covered by the AHB. Therefore our conditions state:
“consequential damage is covered
 due to legal liability and
 contractual agreement. ”

A little difference with a big impact.

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